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OCTOBER 4, 2018

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We welcome you whole-heartedly to the 2018-2019 school year at Skyridge Elementary School, Auburn. We are looking forward to welcoming back our returning students and new ones joining our excellent institution.
We work hard to provide your child with an outstanding education. Our goal is to build a warm, safe, and successful school culture where all students are valued and cared for.  
We strive to serve every student and help him or her to discover their potentials and develop, and succeed in all aspects of school life. We have high expectations of all of our students and promote excellence in academic achievement and behavior. We have a great team of teachers and support staff that are always ready to collaborate with you. Please come and join our School Site Council or PTC.  You can help promote the school's vision and help guide our young people into the global citizenship of the future.
We look forward to seeing everyone. Please see our newsletters and website to be informed of upcoming events and more. Feel free to contact Skyridge Elementary School anytime if you require further guidance.
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Angelika Brown
Skyridge School
Welcome to Skyridge Elementary School. At our school, we stand together to place each child at the heart of every decision. All students will be challenged, engaged, and obtain college and career readiness skills for a globally connected society.
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